The Well Purified Water was founded in 2013. 

Get to know us as @PURIFIEDH20, on #Twitter, #Facebook, #Instagram, #Pinterest. Our aim is to provide local families with high-quality drinking water, while keeping costs low. We take pride in our brand, locally known as The Well.

Clean water is life, keeping our customers hydrated on a cellular level is our #1 Priority. When you drink from The Well, your cells #stayhydrated, becuase our purified water maintains a perfectly balanced pH to allow your body to absorb nutrients easier and removes toxins naturally. Removing toxins helps you feel energized.

We Combat Obesity & Diabetes by offering wellness thru our pH balanced purified water. We purify our water by reverse osmosis with an 11 Step State of the art equipment, . Our process removes chemicals like chlorine & floride and reduces the TDS levels to less than 10 parts per million. Leaving you with a water that is clean-crisp and fresh.  We also offer healthy eating and weight mangement tips on Pinterest and our other Facebook page dedicated to Combating Obesity & Diabetes Naturally.

Our welcoming atmosphere makes all who patron at The Well feel like part of the family. Our great customer service makes them feel satisfied and they  recommend us to thier friends and family. 

Liza & George Fernandez


The quality of our purified water is as good as our equipment maintenance. We take pride in providing the best tasting PURIFIED WATER STORE in Bergen County. Our purified water by reverse osmosis uses a state of the art equipment which has more than ten steps. 

Most of our equipment maintenance is schedule. Other times they are on the spot because it requires an on-call change. We would prefer to close our doors to make the necesarry changes - for as long as it takes, than sell our customers sub-par water. 

The rest of what makes our water so special and loved by many, must remain as the family secret. Stop by and give us a try. We are sure you will like our quality purified water. 

T.R.B.C.A. - Teaneck Road Business Community Alliance advocates for the improvement of Teaneck Road. 
M.W.O.B. - Minority Woman Owned Business Eligible
M.B.E. - Minority Business Enterprise Certification Eligible 
W.B.E. - Woman Business Enterprise Certification Eligible
Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
As part of our recycling initiative, we encourage customers to reuse before they recycle. Which means that if you have water bottles of any size from any other water company or beverage company, we will sanitize & refill what you bring. We supply caps for 5-gallon containers, all other bottles must come with their caps.  

Teaneck Junior Football League 2014

Shopping at The Well, allows us to donate our water to local sport organizations, beucause keeping players hydrated is important. We are the Official Water Sponsor for the Teaneck Junior Football League and their Cheerleading Squad. We also keep the Track Team hydrated. If you have a sport team that needs hydration contact our manager at (201) 530-5847.

Walk-in Service

Monday - Friday 6PM - 10 PM
Saturday 9:30 AM - 4PM
Sunday 10 AM - 5 PM

Water Deliveries 

Saturday All Day 
Must requests in Advance
Text us at (973) 6WATER6

"There is no water store like The Well."

1120 Teaneck Rd, Teaneck, NJ
(201) 530-5847